Hiking and trekking around Dents Blanches and Dents du Midi

Hikes around the Dents-du-Midi mountains

Ask us for advice on choosing the best hiking routes for exploring the resort and its surroundings. This simpleactivity one of the most enjoyable and the most popular when deciding to spend some holidays in the mountains.

Easy hikes and Summer walks

A selection of special maps with hiking trails in and around Champéry or throughout the Portes du Soleil are available generally free of charge. Some are also on sale at the reception of the  hotel.
Do not hesitate to ask us for information.

The “Parcours de l’eau”

Champery is surrounded by water and Champery’s history is steeped in the pure alpine springs and rivers that flow through, around and under the village. The unique properties of the Rumières fountain are particularly interesting. Back in the heyday of the Grand Hotel de la Dent-du-Midi, this fountain made Champéry famous.  Guests came from far and wide to bathe in and drink from this pristine spring. The Parcours de l’Eau walking path takes you back in time and, literally, back to the ‘source’ of Champéry.

An explanatory leaflet in French is available at the reception.

The Tour des Dents-du-Midi

Inaugurated in 1972, the Tour des Dents du Midi is one of the original, long-trail hikes in the Canton of Valais, and owes its fame to the Dents du Midi Marathon that was run here for nearly 40 years. Participants may organize their hike as they prefer, using the various mountain huts along the road for accommodation, meals, or simply to buy refreshments.

The Dents du Midi mountain range, with its striking contrasts, will be your constant companion along this well-marked and well-maintained alpine trail.

Lakes, waterfalls and fast-flowing streams vie for your attention with shady forests, craggy screes and high mountain pastures. A surprise awaits around every bend in the path; the sharp whistle of a marmot, the delicate perfume of a flower or quite simply the profound silence of the alps in the wee hours of the morning. You may even catch a glimpse of a black grouse, a chamois, a bearded vulture or one of the many other animals inhabiting the nooks and crannies of the Dents du Midi.

Under the stewardship of Fernand Jordan, the original Marathon was one of theearliest mountain marathons, and a precursor to today’s Ultra-Trail marathons. It was the perfect terrain in which to train the elite mountain soldiers of the Swiss Army and hardened mountaineers alike. The Dents du Midi marathon was created in 1962 and lasted about 40 years. It is the stuff of legends today, as the last marathon was run in 2000. Unfortunately, by 2000, safety regulations and restrictions had become so stringent that organizing a race of this magnitude in this kind of terrain had become all but impossible. The record time, 4 :21 :20, is held by Pierre-André Gobet from the canton of Fribourg, who won the race in 1991.

More information: https://www.dentsdumidi.ch/en/

The Tour des Dents-Blanches

This itinerary traverses the French-Swiss border at an altitude of 2756 meters.
This trail follows the limestone massif of the Dents Blanches mountain range, overlooking the Valley called Haut Giffre (Haute Savoie, France), and the Val d’Illiez (Valais / Switzerland).

More information: http://www.tour-dentsblanches.com/en/

The Tour du Ruan

This is another alpine hiking trail that weaves through the mountains on the borderbetween France and Switzerland. Its 67km takes you from Switzerland throughChampéry, Salanfe, Marécottes and Salvan, into France through Sixt, Fer à Cheval and Vallorcine and then back to Switzerland through Finhaut to Emosson.

Hiking around Salanfe

Salanfe is part of the Dents du Midi hiking trail. Lake Salanfe, and the quaint mountain hut of the same name, are located in the valley on the ‘back side’ of the Dents du Midi. It is accessible by car, which is great for anyone who wants to enjoy some breathtaking alpine scenery but can’t quite manage the breathtaking hike up!

Following the “Smugglers Trail”

Follow Seraphin the Contrabandier down the Smugglers’ Trail and learn about his life, his chalet and his beloved mountains. He will enthrall you with heart-stopping tales of adventure, long-kept secrets and lively anecdotes about the region’s ‘Contrebandiers’.

Ask for the leaflet at the reception.

Mountain huts

Switzerland has a long tradition of alpine hospitality. The Alps are dotted with quaint mountain refuges where weary hikers can stop for food and shelter as they travel through the high alpine pastures.

Most huts serve rustic, traditional fare produced right nearby on local farms.

These are just a few! Tell us where you are going and we’ll find you a hut…

Other activities in Champery and the Region

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