Climbing, Canyoning, Paragliding and Via Ferrata in Champéry – Switerzland

Canyoning, Paragliding and Via Ferrata in Champéry

In Champery and the surroundings, there are many activities offering adrenaline. Here are a few.

Canyoning – Access

The canyon is located 1km before the village, where the road takes a dramatic curve to the left over a bridge, on the road to Champery.


You can go directly from the road to the river. From the road, take a hiking trail 30m to your right in the direction of Champéry. This path leads away from the river; at the first junction turn right and head back towards the river. You will meet up with the river at an altitude of 1040m.


For the descent in the river, you first come across a lovely waterfall which is then followed by a long stretch of walking. Occasionally, you’ll have to climb down over slippery rocks. After passing under the road to Champéry (you can enter the canyon at this point), the stream then flows under two beautiful bridges. These bridges dominate an area of small water slides carved right into the magnificentrocks. The river then tumbles into a succession of waterfalls. Remember to be careful in the water, the reception basins of these waterfalls are narrow and can generate hazardous currents.

Escape route

You can get out of water at any time and go around the obstacles on the left bank.


On the left bank after the last obstacle, a path along the canyon will take you back to your car in 10 minutes.

The Via Ferrata de Tière  scales the rock face opposite Champery village.

It is located in an idyllic setting, on the right bank of the Vièze River. The Via Ferrata is accessed from a place called ‘Sous Sex’; from there a short 30 minute hike uphill will take you to the bottom of the cliff face and the Via Ferrata starting point. Special Via Ferrata signs mark the direction to take from either Val d’Illiez or Champéry

The climb begins by crossing the cliff face and continues over a series of bridges overlooking the waterfalls of the Tière River; thrills and chills guaranteed!

You’ll then rejoin the rock wall and, around the corner of a ledge, you might even catch a glimpse of some local wildlife… The scenery is breathtaking throughout the climb.

  • Length : 460m
  • Elevation : 125m
  • Altitude (arrival) : 1126m
  • Slope angle : 75 degrees

What is Via Ferrata?

A Via Ferrata is a route through more or less impassable mountainous terrain which has been equipped with metal cables, ladders and stepping rungs.

The ‘ferratist’ progresses by putting his feet on the steps, rungs and metal supports carved or cemented into the rock.

In some cases you will need to cross slender cable bridges or wobbly monkey bridges.
The metal equipment along the route supports and allow the climber to pass safely.
A cable is attached along the route through anchors which are planted in the rock every 3 meters.

The Via Ferrata climber should ALWAYS be tied to this ‘lifeline’!

Equipment Rental

The equipment needed to practice the Via Ferrata (harness, lanyards & helmet) can be rented from the following partners:

Be advised that you should wear good walking shoes and have supplies to stay hydrated and to warm up if needed.

Vols en parapente biplace

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Flying and Jumping

Get a bird’s-eye view of the Alps! Enjoy a scenic flight in the mountains aboard a Pilatus Porter PC6 or, for the brave, why not try skydiving!! You can organize all your flights from the Bex airfield, just past Monthey.
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