Adventure parks, Fun for Family, Chablais and surroundings

Adventure Parks, Family Fun in the Region

A mass of options are offered to you. Be it for young or older ones, in family or with friends, the Chablais region offers many activities for entertainment and change of scenery.

Bex Salt mines

A visit to the Salt Mines allows you to explore an extraordinary underground structure while learning a thing or two about local history and the surprisingly fascinating salt extraction techniques, which have remained relatively unchanged since 1684.
After an audiovisual historical overview, the miners’ train will take you deep into the heart of the salt-bearing mountain and back to the days when miners of yesterday toiled to glean the ‘white gold’ from solid rock.

Visit Bex salt mines or ask for the leaflet at the reception.


Aquaparc Aquaparc is the perfect place to catch some waves and have a blast with friends, families or a group of colleagues. Take a plunge into the wave pool, ride the river rapids and accost the Pirate Ship. For even more thrills, try hurtling down any one of the seven giant water slides. If you need a rest, spend some time in the wellness and relaxation area. In Summer, the sandy beach is the best sunbathing spot in Switzerland. The temperature stays between 28° and 32° all year round.

Visit this water park or ask for the leaflet at the reception.

Swiss Vapeur Parc

Located in the harbor town of Le Bouveret, where the Rhone empties into Lake Geneva, the Suisse Vapeur Parc boasts of the most prestigious miniature railway circuits in Europe; In a lushly landscaped park of 17’000 m2, dozens of pint-sized steam locomotivestake you on a fantastic journey over bridges, through tunnels and past perfectly recreated Lilliputian versions of famous Swiss landmarks. The Swiss Vapeur Parc is a miniature paradise for young and old alike!


The biggest amusement park in Switzerland, just down the road in Sierre, Valais. The whole family will love the 3D Simulators, rides of all kinds, giant slides and the famous wild river rapids which are the highest in Switzerland!

Labyrinth Adventure

Lose yourself in the biggest permanent labyrinth in the world. This 25’000 m2 park is ideal for adventurers of all ages. A giant maze, more than 50 different games and attractions and a 30 m high slide will make for a truly unforgettable outing.

Zoo des Marecottes

Not far from  Champery, the Marecottes are 35 minutes away. The alpine zoological park can be reached by car or by train; it is situated only 5 minutes from the train station. You will discover most of the mountain’s fauna species in their natural environment.

Fun Planet

Fun-planet is an amusement center where you will find all types of games for families as well as challenges to realize between friends such as go-kart or bowling. Also try the billiard tables or the electronic games. While the older ones are having fun, children enjoy the kids’ corner.


This dam represents the most important wonder of the modern construction techniques. With a base as vast as the ones from the Egyptian pyramids, the Grande-Dixence is however twice as high, twice as big and therefore much heavier. This historical work collects the waters of 35 glaciers in Valais and braks the record.

Queen Cow Fights

Some cow fights take place each year around spring. The type of cow competing is a specific breed called the cow of Hérens, from the name of its valley of origin. This breed walks easily and can therefore also travel in rough grounds. With a burning and aggressive temper, these black or at least dark brown cows naturally fight fiercely. Its character was the start of the organization of the queen cow fights. These happenings usually gather hundreds of cows, and the winner is then declared “Queen” by the jury. Dates : April – May – September

The underground lake of St Léonard

The largest underground lake measures more than 300 meters long and is about twenty meters deep. The underground lake of St-Léonard is situated between Sion and Sierre, in the heart of the Valais. The formation of the Alps following the ice age then left its footprint. One can navigate on the lake and imagine looking at the roots of the precious Valais vine stocks from under. You are 30 to 70 meters under the vineyard.

Embark on paddle boats for a quiet journey with multilingual guides. The guided tour on crystalline water will last about 30 minutes.

Other activities in Champery and the region