Champéry and Summer Winter activities

Champéry - mountain activities!

If during Winter people come mostly at the Beau-Séjour to enjoy alpine sports, during Summer, they come to breathe some fresh air in the Portes-du-Soleil pastures which then become a vast territory for mountain activities likehikes in Switzerland, equestrian walks or a kingdom for mountain biking with great MTB tracks.

During Winter in the Portes-du-Soleil

You won’t need tp go down twice the same slope!!!

Discover the world’s largest international ski area! With its 650 km of slopes, 228 lifts,  283 slopes (27 black, 104 red, 119 blue, 33 green), 10 snowparks and 90 restaurants on the slopes, those are 4 Swiss and 8 French resort villages which created the Portes-du-Soleil together in 1965.

The closest domain to Geneva and its international airport, situated on the French-Swiss border, between the Savoie and Valais regions, the Portes du Soleil are part of the Espace Mont-Blanc and is a ‘nature reserve’ for powder in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

The skier, can ski without going down twice the same slope in a day, and benefits from an incomparable offer. From the beginner who just wants to have fun to professional training on the famous Alpine Ski Worldcup slope in Avoriaz, it is for all a great discovery of the Swiss mountains in Winter.

During Summer in the Portes-du-Soleil

A wide range of activities!!!

With its 580km of marked out walks and MTB paths, the Portes-du-Soleil are a giant playground for hikers and MTB lovers. Going out for walks, trekking, leaving one day for a family hike, motivate friends to try Nordic walking or even running… Those are all promising activities for holidays in the mountains.

For those who prefer the two-wheelers, be it with a normal or road bike, tandem or mountain bike, a multitude of marked itineraries and Freestyle Parks are set up here and there.

The domain is very well known by worldwide mountain bikers for its european and world Downhill and Cross-country competitions, for example the Mountain bike worldcup track in Champéry during the UIC Championship. Switzerland is a well known mountain biking country.

Main activity during Winter: Skiing

As in all
mountain resort in Switzerland
, ski and snowboard are of course the most practiced sports. But one should note that the Telemark has made a surprising come-back since 2008.  There is besides a funny – yet fascinating to watch – competition organized every year between Champéry and Torgon; it is called the “Tournée des 3 Bouteilles“.

Main activities during Summer: Hikes and Mountain-Bike with the Multi-Pass

During Summer, the entire region transforms itself in a vast and natural discovery park. People enjoying walks or hikes and the captivating silence of the mountains will discover the domain even more spread out then in Winter; indeed, it has gigantic proportions, streaked with marked paths and pedestrian walks.

Other activities during Summer:

Mountain Guides

During Winter and Summer seasons and in collaboration with the mountain guides of Champery, some group discoveries are organized for most activities. Don’t hesitate to ask us to contact them or do it yourself:

  • Fernand Rey-Bellet +41 79 435 03 94
  • Fernand Berthoud +41 24 479 16 94
  • Jacky Pochon +41 79 637 70 37
  • Vincent Gianinetti +41 79 449 56 08

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