We are proud to present you below the distinguished guests who have honored us in spending one or more nights in our hotel in Switzerland at the beginning of the Valais; at the Art.Boutique.Hotel Beau-Séjour.

Sportsmen and Sportswomen

Swiss Curling Team 2010
Swiss Curling Team 2010
French Sailorman

Comedians, artists

Richard Ruben – Comedian

Richard comes from time to time family skiing at Beau Sejour

Sébastien Cauet – TV Announcer und Humorist
Olivier Lejeune – Announcer, humorist

Olivier, coach of the Festival Maxi-Rire is a devotee of the Beau-Sejour.

Chritelle Cholet – humorist

Chritelle Cholet discovered Champéry and came family skiing

Yann Lambiel – humorist

Yann is the most faithful comic of the Maxi-Rires in Champéry. Normal, he is from Switzerland! His public from Valais and we love him!

Anthony Kavanagh – humorist

Anthony is a regular at the Maxi-Rires Festival and Champéry, the Valais especially since his wife is from here.

Laurent Gerra – humorist imitator

Laurent loves Switzerland and loved Champéry. He keeps a unique souvenir of the “Shed” … He nnows what we talk about.

Chantal Ladesou – humorist

Chantal discovered Champéry – a haven of peace – and came back with family enjoying the summer.

Pascal Legitimus – humorist

Pascal, the anonymous vagabond. Without recognizing him, you’ll cross him at a walk through Champéry.

Michèle Laroque – Humorist

Michele, unfortunately did not have much time to enjoy the area. Maybe another time?.

Marie-Thérèse Porchet ou Joseph Gorgoni – Humorist

Joseph, a discreet man. It is not his first visit to Champéry. Sleeping at Beau Sejour to rested.

Denis Maréchal – Humorist

Denis is a simple man who likes simple things such as feeling like home in Champery, Champery’s people and the Beau-Sejour.

Majid et Hugues – Les Lascars Gays – humorist

The duo “Les Lascars Gays” left the spectators with no voice in Champéry, amazed, astonished for a beautiful “Standing Ovation.” They will remember their evening in Champéry – under the tent!!

François-Xavier Demaison – humorist
François-Xavier could not get much of Beau-Sejour, the post-show party was too crazy!
Floriana Frassetto, Philipp Egli, Raffaella Mattioli, Pietro Montandon – Artists puppeteers

Mummenschanz is more than a band name, it’s a myth. Over 40 years of performance with some artists who have succeeded.

Music groups

Madame Olga