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Under the Menu “Extras”, the Beau-Séjour presents the online evaluations made by our guests as well as the review forms to use, the gift certificates created individually for you, a few special and unique information as well as tip and tricks or recommendations we wish to share with you.

Famous guests

Beside the important Sport Events, it is thanks to the Maxi-Rires Festival taking place each year since 2007 at the beginning of the Summer season, that the Beau-Séjour is lucky to be able to host the well-known artists, the French celebrities who make the success of this small yet big-hearted festival. We present here a few persons you may cross when coming out of your room or during breakfast. Fun atmosphere, shivers and many laughs guaranteed.

Gift certificates – Offer an enjoyable moment

Offering a gift certificate for a stay in a hotel is always a nice present.
Be it for a birthday, an anniversary, or any other occasion, here are our gift certificates which can be personalized. Order them with us by phone or Email, and we will send them to you with a payment slip.

Follow this link in order to send us your request, or write us an email.


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