Homepage Conception

A page dedicated to my web design providers involved in the redesign of the hotel web site you visit right now. In recognition of their professionalism and efficiency.

The number 1 issue arose as follows:

How to modernize the hotel Beau Sejour ‘s web site respecting its graphic, without betraying its image and bringing a modern touch that was lacking in previous site.

Mounted over time in self site suffered from a lack of coherence which made navigation hazardous if not the least bit ergonomic

old look of beausejour web site


The dominant red symbolizing Switzerland and the presence of wood, typical of alpine larch.

For this purpose, clear a background image and a carousel bigger than the previous one (“out” of the header) was selected for its visual input, saturated colors of his images and the originality of small vignettes that overlap.

Along with the visual identity admitted, it only remained to rethink the architecture of the site.

And Optimization WordPress

The opening match of SEW.

With his expertise in WordPress Website creation and  personalization of web design plus  SEO optimization , SEW  seduced Philipp SophieK.

The file was treated in 6 weeks.

  • Simple but meticulous prerogatives were defined after a site audit
  • Architecture and completely redesigned ergonomic
  • Configuring the site to respond to both requests skier Winter vacation and mountain lovers Summer
  • Careful design and layout
  • Rewriting and adding content
  • Texts and optimization platform for search engines

A website in 5 languages

The last point concerned the international side of the website. With the experience of Canadian (bilingual country) and standards accepted by SEO website, the site was cloned and installed on 5 different IP each in the destination country. French, Germany, Spain, Russia.

Uk versions and is designed to be quickly operational while Spain and Russia wait a bit with a simple HTML page to start.

SEW team

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