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We always check that our content is quality. We take no responsibility for the content of sites when occurring external links on our site. This responsibility lies solely with the owners of these sites.

Reverse Responsability – Link creations to our website

Hôtel Beau-Séjour SA authorizes the establishment of hyperlinks to a site belonging to it, with the following reserves :

  • The pages of the website should not be embedded within the pages of another website, accessible by opening a window.
  • The title of the link mentions explicitely, or the relationship between the hyperlink and the site and / or Hotel Beau-Sejour SA is clearly indicated, so that no confusion is possible in mind of the visitor.

This authorization does not apply to websites that may affect the image or reputation the Art.Boutique.Hotel Beau-Séjour.

Hôtel Beau-Séjour SA can in no way be held responsible for any sites containing a hyperlink to this website and accepts no responsibility for their content and use.

Photos & Videos – Champéry Tourisme SA – 1874 Champéry – Valais Tourisme – 1951 Sion – Association Internationale Les Portes du Soleil, 74390 Châtel

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In addition, counterfeit discovered in third parties, regardless of their nature, can lead to legal action against them. This applies equally to internet users.

Intellectual and industrial property rights website and its international versions and their copyrights are protected legislatively provided in Book I, Titles I and II of the Code of Intellectual Property.

Consequently, any use of the products, including all or part of a website belonging to Hotel Beau-Sejour SA can not be made without written authorization.

According to common law, Hotel Beau-Sejour SA may jeopardize the contractual liability of its visitors or take any action in unfair competition or parasitic against the perpetrators of violations of the provisions under consideration.

The user can not transmit all or part of a website owned by Hotel Beau-Sejour SA to third parties, even if they are legally separate, against payment or free of charge, either directly by exchange of origin or indirectly combined form of said data.

The user may not modify, reproduce or adapt all or part of a website belonging to Hotel Beau-Sejour SA, or even a specific product present on these sites and the data they contain (including photos). The user may not copy by any means whatsoever, download, sell, resell, distribute, transmit, publish, automatically download in any form whatsoever any data available or hosted on sites belonging to Hotel Beau-Sejour SA.

The misappropriation of broadcasting rights will be punished by the regulations and laws relating to copyright and producer rights under the Code of Intellectual Property. The same penalty shall apply to any use of products made outside the limits of the authorization granted by Beau-Stays SA.

Declaration on data protection

The collection of personal information while visiting a website, booking a holiday, a contact information, purchase or call by phone, induces protection of data. While reading this document, you will learn how Hotel Beau-Sejour SA harvest personal data, what information is collected, for what purpose and who Hôtel Beau-Sejour SA shares these data and what measures are made by Hotel Beau-Sejour SA to protect them.

Hotel Beau-Sejour AG attaches great importance to respecting your right to privacy and protection of personal data. All obligations and responsibilities regarding data protection accompanying this Statement will apply.

Why Hotel Beau-Sejour SA collects personal data?

Hotel Beau-Sejour SA collects and use your personal data for the purposes of optimizing its customer service and its benefits. In addition, these data allow Hotel Beau-Sejour SA to inform you about its development, to share information about themselves and the special offers that may interest you. These are exclusively present on internet sites and its own newsletter, which you can at any time participate in Hotel Beau-Sejour SA of your withdrawal.

What kinds of data are collected?

The collection of your personal information can help Hotel Beau-Sejour SA to provide better service in many cases. When you make a transaction, for example, you are asked to enter some information. Only relevant information will be requested. These usually include name, billing address, phone number, e-mail, the preferred method of contact, and / or information relating to the credit card. Hotel Beau-Sejour SA also collects data through marketing research in order to better understand customer needs and respond effectively. In addition, Hotel Beau-Sejour SA records information relating to customer activity on its website. Based on this information, Hotel Beau-Sejour SA can assess the usefulness of the information, the attractiveness of online services and parts of the website.

When does Hotel Beau-Sejour SA share personal data?

It is with much attention as Hotel Beau-Sejour SA guarantees the protection of personal data. Hotel Beau-Sejour SA undertakes not to sell or pass on your details to other service providers. In order to provide you with superior service, Hotel Beau-Sejour SA may be required in some cases, your information to legal persons obligated to handle the information in accordance with the declaration on data protection. In some cases, it will be in the interest of Hotel Beau-Sejour SA to provide certain information to other companies (strategic partners or employees of Hotel Beau-Sejour SA) so that they can offer you services and products his name. These companies help us to process information, take reservations and orders, deliver products, administer and manage databases, provide customer service, assess the value of products and services, conduct market research or to conduct a survey customer satisfaction.

How Hotel Beau-Sejour SA protects personal data?

During administrative procedures, physical and electronic, Hotel Beau-Sejour SA protects your personal data against loss, theft and misuse, as well as against unauthorized access, transmission, alteration, and unauthorized removal.

Therefore, you can help secure your data by taking the following steps. Change your password often using a combination of letters and numbers and make sure you use a secure browser.

Integrity of personal data

Hotel Beau-Sejour SA has taken security measures to ensure the accuracy of your personal data as part of their future use. Of course, you are entitled to access your information and may change at any time. You can help Hotel Beau-Sejour SA regularly updating your data and settings. You can also receive a copy of your personal data by contacting us at the email address listed below.

Cookies and other technologies

Common of many company websites, Hotel Beau-Sejour SA uses “cookies” and other technologies to determine which pages are most visited site, as well as the activity and time of visit web site . They allow Hotel Beau-Sejour SA to evaluate the effectiveness of our online marketing and therefore the attractiveness of its products and services to its customers. Hotel Beau-Sejour SA uses cookies and other technologies to analyze the data traffic on our website in order to optimize its design and functionality, and ensure that it meets the expectations of its customers. Finally, Hotel Beau-Sejour SA uses cookies to make the website more attractive and easy to use at each visit.

As the majority of websites, automatic recording of certain information is done via a protocol. Besides IP addresses, there are browser type, provider, reference pages as the final pages, operating system, date, time, and click stream data.

When sending email or in its newsletter, Hotel Beau-Sejour SA conçoi URLs “click-through URL” linked to content pages of its websites or to third party sites. By clicking on these addresses, the path goes through a web server before being redirected to the destination page. Hotel Beau-Sejour SA records this data “click-through” to understand the interest in certain subjects and to determine their attractiveness. Please browse in private system (available on some explorer) or not to follow a link, text or image displayed on these items if you do not wish your information to be recorded.

Questions concerning rights relating to the protection of personal data

If all this information leave you with questions, please contact Hotel Beau-Sejour SA through a representative by referring to contacts available at the top of the page.

Of course, you can ask Hotel Beau-Sejour SA advantage of information about the topics that concern you here, their origin, their purpose and know the companies they were eventually released.

In addition, you have the right to modify or delete such information. The Data Protection Act prevail.

Hotel Beau Sejour is SA may modify the declaration on data protection. In cases where major changes are made, a message with the updated version will be posted on our website.

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