Dream Team of our Swiss 3 stars hotel in Champery

Small Team, Great Spirit

Since its construction and official opening in 1916, the managers and the employees who have once worked at the Beau-Séjour each left a little piece of their heart.

Today, a small team composed of 2 cleaning ladies, the management assistant and the couple of owners take care of this old house full of history.

This charming hotel has been lucky to be able to keep a regular team year after year. Many cleaning ladies have worked there for years.

Loyal employees making a team

Our housekeeping ladies are the ones taking care of your rooms and checking that everything is ready there for your arrival.

Beside Sophie and Philippe, your hosts, you will find Marine, always ready to serve you and answer your questions. Originally from France, she also speaks English very well. Taking care of the guests and chatting with them during breakfast is for her a hobby. Marine is definitely Sophie and Philippe’s shadow.

A small team also means for us a team spirit, a spirit of family, where everyone helps each other to reach the anticipated result, meaning the happiness and well being of the client, our guest. It is only when working together hand in hand that we are able to reach today’s result which has made the reputation of the Beau-Séjour.

When the intense days of continual coming and going happen during the weekends in Winter, we all work hard to help each other; mutual aid is also the keyword for a hotel which works well.

Sophie and Philippe have met at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne; this was a big step in their lifes. Both of them arrived there « because we could picture them in a service environment», but moreover because they were willing to please others.

A non-linear professional cursus

The mix of various experiences has built up the foundation of their careers.

After their hotel studies, Sophie starts a second diploma in interior design, always with the same goal in mind: have her own hotel later and do whatever she wants with it. After a cursus in event management, Sophie goes back to the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) to work and meets Philippe who is finishing his studies.

For the beginning of his career and coming back from an internship in a Lodge, Philippe is offered a general manager position in Madagascar ; a turning point which will confirm his desire to persevere in the small hotels field. For love and the willingness to discover something new, Sophie meets him there and works as the director of rooms division and Spa.

Arrival in Champery and set up of the concept

After this rewarding experience and coming back to Switzerland, their entrepreneurial disposition quickly pushes them to look for their own hotel/business. They find the object of their dreams in Champery and take over the Beau-Séjour Hotel on October 1st, 2010, also from the hands of alumni from EHL!

Beside their management responsibility, they both share some tasks aside. Sophie acts as a pastry chef and creates macaroons, pies and funny muffins which feed the « Tea-Time » of the hotel. On his side, Philippe shows his talents being a handyman and computer specialist. The diversity of the job is the reason why they are so attached to it.

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