Swiss History of the Hotel Beau-Séjour in Champéry

Ski in Champery : The history of the Beau-Séjour Hotel


The Pension Beau-Séjour was born in the middle of the 20th century.


The “pension” becomes the Beau-Séjour Hotel, built where it is now.


The nice years of the alpine sports bring guests from all over the world.


Still the same Chalet, still beautiful, the owners always took good care of it.

For centuries now, Champery has been living with people coming and going from all over the world. The Beau-Séjour shares a big part of the 150 years of history around tourism with the village of Champery. The history is linked with the development of skiing; here are a few important dates.

The Beau-Séjour; first a “pension”, then a hotel

1904 : It is at the very beginning of the 20th century that the name Beau-Séjour appeared for the first time in Champery. Indeed, built by a local family called « Défago », the building was erected in 1904 as a Chalet with rooms for rent named Pension Beau-Séjour.

1914 : Ten years later, the successful development of tourism of this region on the edge of the Val d’Illiez, made it possible to consider the construction of a new resort. This resort will consist of a restaurant, a wine cellar and a hotel to provide

  • a place where people can go such as a bar,
  • a restaurant open to the public with an “à la carte” menu named « Le Vieux Chalet »,
  • but especially some hotel rooms with an offer for half-board or full-board.

The much talked about “warm beds” were born and helped the mountain tourism to rise. The Beau-Séjour Hotel was starting to exist.

It was however during the first world war, and Switzerland was discovering slow motion. So was it for the construction of the hotel.

1916 : The Beau-Séjour Hotel is officially finished ; it is then unveiled.

1985 : Until this year, two generations of owners succeeded one another. But it is then that the owners decide to get rid of the hotel and only keep the restaurant.

2010 : Sophie an Philippe buy the Beau-Séjour Hotel and become the 5th owners. They give it a second youth when modifying its name; It then becomes the Art.Boutique.Hotel Beau-Séjour, but will always stay the « Beau-Séjour » for intimates…

2014 – 2016 | Centenary

In between those two years, the hotel will celebrate its 100 years. One century of history and thousands of people who have stayed there !

Over 150 years of tourism …

In 1857, the first hotel is born in Champéry. This will mark the start of the tourism in this farming and mountain village deep in the Val d’Illiez, at the feet of the Dents-du-Midi and in the heart of the Chablais.

During a few decades, the tourism in Champery will develop more around the Summer.

…and of ski in Champéry.

It is then the snow and the lifts as well as the cable car linking the village to the Portes du Soleil resort via Planachaux, which will take the lead : Champery then becomes a real ski resort and one of the essential links of the chain of the Espace Mont-Blanc.

At a time when tourism has exceeded 150 years of activity, the town of Champery as all the others which contributed, deserve recognition and gratitude for this development which has been done in a harmonious way, leaving Champery’s charm and authenticity intact.

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