Hotel Art Gallery in Champéry: 3 in 1!

Hotel, Art Gallery and Boutique: 3 in 1 in Champery


Whether they are second-hand, hand-me-down or antique, the furniture Sophie uses are all wooden; old pieces which have been long-forgotten or discarded.

Some come from far away and all of them find a new lease on life in Sophie’s careful hands.

You thought you would get rid of a piece of furniture? Give it to SophieK, and you might go back on your decision.

Funny decoration objects

SophieK always has tons of ideas in mind in order to give a second life to an object, customising or creating new accessories. Picture frames, cushions, lamps, candle holders… Discover her creations and let yourself be surprised! The decoration objects from SophieK are:

  • Unique
  • Original
  • Hand made
  • Found/Saved
  • and sometimes funny!


You will find Sophiek’s work here and there in the hotel corridors; the pieces of work she created from her imagination, depending on her mood…

From time to time, other artists are also invited to exhibit their personal creations in our hotel in champery.

Besides, many artists also have exhibitions at the Espace Raiffeisen in Champery, an art gallery supported by this bank.


A gift idea: A customized portait!

This is the occasion to offer something different that will bring 100% happiness!

  • Customized
  • Choice of Design
  • Choice of colours
  • Unique
  • Christmas, Birthday, Wedding
  • or any other event!
  • Parents, Grandparents, Friends, Dog or cat…
“Tout art s’adresse aux sens, d’abord, plus qu’à l’esprit.”
[Francis Carco]

Previously called Hotel Beau-Séjour, it brightened up when Sophie, otherwise known as SophieK the artist, took over the hotel and added an art gallery and an interior decoration boutique as well with unique creations. It is now called the Art.Boutique.Hotel Beau-Séjour.

SophieK has more than one trick up her sleeve!

SophieK, known as Sophie Kleinknecht Zurkirchen.

She has always enjoyed creating and giving a second life to objects which had been forgotten, as well as conveying a feeling or emotion through textures or colours. With help from her husband Philippefine arts field, she followed an interior design training which reinforced her curiosity and taste for creation in several artistic fields.

« Originally from Alsace, I’ve been lucky enough to live in France, in the United States, in Madagascar and in Switzerland.

After some studies in management of hotel operations, I naturally head toward a second diploma in interior design. I find my inspiration in trips, architecture, words and encounters.

I like creating, conveying something, an emotion, a feeling, a little bit of myself. » SophieK

« I always have tons of ideas in mind in order to give a second life to an object, customising or creating new accessories. Picture frames, cushions, lamps, candle holders,… discover my creations and let yourself be surprised!» SophieK

« Painting and manual arts in general are for me a real need… a safety valve. I compare it to sport. I need a certain amount of sport and creation. It is surprising to see how one can express hidden feelings or emotions just through a pincel or other techniques.

Without necessarily being figurative, my paintings/works are a little piece of myself, depending on the current wish and mood. There is always an idea beside it but not necessarily a meaning. I like the fact that everyone can see what he wants and likes.» SophieK

A hotel is a place where people come and go for holidays in switzerland, full of history, stories and encounters. It is a place full of emotions and humanity: A home away from home. Which other place is better than a hotel to keep her artwork alive?

If you wish to find out more about it, visit SophieK’s virtual gallery !

The Beau-Séjour is an Art-Boutique-Hotel.

You will be able to find on site some creations signed SophieK: paintings, cushions, furniture, decoration objects…

Anything with a tag can be purchased. If you cannot find the tag right away, or if a price is missing, ask someone at the reception of the hotel!

Exhibit and art gallery

Based on one or several pictures and according to your wishes, SophieK makes a painting of your friends, parents, children, or even of your animal; In fact, of all the persons you like and you wish to offer something original.

In addition to the customized portraits, you may also ask her to receive an original drawing, like a VW Beetle? A Vespa? Mohamed Ali? Marylin Monroe?

Customized Portrait

Have SophieK paint your customized portrait or painting. “Almost” everything is possible.

  1. Choose a high quality digital picture of the person or thing to paint
  2. Choose a style of painting in the gallery and remember the name of it.
  3. Send those elements with your request by email or by post to SophieK.

Reinterpretation of usual objects

Do you have a piece of furniture, a lamp, a candle holder, an object sitting around? Are you thinking of throwing it away?
Give it to Sophie, she can either:

  • Give it a second life, based on your tastes, wishes, colours
  • or leave it to her, and trust her to give it a second life, elsewhere.

SophieK regularly makes a donation against cancer

logo-liguecancerFor a few years now and because cancer is a cause that touches her, SophieK decided to give a portion of earnings to the Swiss League against Cancer. Each piece of furniture sold is then a donation, especially when that piece was given to her.

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