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PRIX BIENVENU 2013: friendliest hotel in Switzerland in the category Small Hotels

The country’s friendliest hotel is in Champéry, the the Swiss alps

Switzerland Tourism has awarded the PRIX BIENVENU (Price Welcome) for the first edition of the competition launched this year. This is a victory for the friendliest hotel in Switzerland, in each of four categories. This Oscar is dedicated to the hotel the jury found to have the highest scores on the criteria of hospitality, personal service, and therefore especially welcoming. These results are the sources of information available on the web, analyzed and evaluated on over 250 websites.

It is the Art.Boutique.Hotel Beau-Sejour in Champery who won the “Oscar of the Friendliest Welcome” by collecting a large number of positive reviews from guests on the theme of service. In the category “Small resort hotels.” Three other institutions have been awarded in other categories.

Laureate 2013 - Top Hotel


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